Portuguese Proteomics Network
Rede Proteómica Portuguesa

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How to become a member:

Individual Membership

An individual member is accepted by ProCura’s Management Team upon the submission of an application form. Anyone whose research activity is held in Portugal and involves proteomics can apply.

Individual member benefits

• Subscription to ProCura’s Mailing List and Discussion Forum.

• Subscription to any of ProCura’s electronic publications (newsletter, job postings, resumes, etc.).

What does ProCura expect from the members?
• Your opinion and suggestions are always welcome. Visit and participate actively on the ProCura web site programme.

Laboratory Membership

Laboratory Membership is formed by aggregation of individual members that declare that they belong to the same research structure. Every Laboratory Member designates an existing as a contact point for exchange of information with ProCura.

Application Form

Laboratory Member benefits

Laboratory membership entitles you to:
• Describe your research group as well as your proteomics research project on the ProCura web site. This description’s contents are of your exclusive responsibility as a designated contact point.

• Have access to technical assistance to create and diffuse your 2D-gel images and data through the ProCura web site.

• Have privileged access to ProCura’s databases (optional).

• Diffuse on ProCura web site your job offers, activities and opinions on proteomics field.

What does ProCura expect from the laboratory membership?

• Active collaboration with ProCura members by sharing your experience, protocols and facilities on proteomics.

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